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Our project is a global website for shipping, which brings together shipowners and inspectors from around the world. We built it from scratch, starting with the preparation of mockups, materials, and layouts, and ending with implementation.




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UX, UI, backend development, frontend development, maintenance, implementation


Project Manager - Anna Jankowska, Web Designer - Przemysław Piszko, Backend Developer - Rafał Pysznik, Tester - Tymoteusz Hinca, Admin - Paweł Deluga

Link to case study:


Case study:

Our involvement in the project began in August 2017 when we started working with the client to implement a dedicated shipping service. Throughout this period, we met regularly with the client to discuss various aspects of the project, such as integrations, technologies, legal considerations, and project financing. The idea for this service was innovative in many ways, so we engaged in numerous discussions and analyzed various options, including replacing some functionalities with ready-made modules. However, after thorough testing, it turned out that none of the off-the-shelf solutions met the client's expectations, and we had to continue our own work on the project.

Due to our relatively limited experience in the maritime industry, we had to delve deeply into the field to understand the client's needs and meet their expectations. Currently, our service has no direct counterpart in the market, so we had to carefully devise its operation scheme and provide adequate security for the target groups. Additionally, an important goal was to create a user-friendly service and ensure transparency for internal transactions.

Our team continues to work hard on the development of the service to ensure its unlimited possibilities and meet customer expectations. We are confident that our innovative shipping platform will have a significant impact on the industry, and we are ready for long-term cooperation to continue the development and success of this project.

Why us:

Our project deserves an award for several reasons. We have created an innovative shipping service that has no direct equivalent in the market. Our work was based on our own development, avoiding off-the-shelf components.


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